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Workshops for all the family!

Artemisia Museum has workshops to develop your knowledge of perfume, aromatic and medicinal plants in a practical, fun way.

Workshops for all the family!

Artemisia Museum is place of learning and hosts workshops all year round.We have educational workshops (the perfumer’s workshop, the herbalist’s workshop, etc.) for adults, youngsters, families and groups.

You would like to continue the adventure in an enjoyable moment? Try a discovery workshop to complete your visit and the promise of sharing an exceptional moment with the family or friends.

The Perfumer’s Workshop


2 Hours     Each participant leaves with the eau de toilette (100 ml) they have created

Create the perfume to suit your image
Let the workshop guide you through the great stages in the creation of a perfume, discover the raw materials which enter into its composition and, just like a professional, create a perfume which suits your image

Discovery workshop: group reservation


2 Hours     Each participant leaves with a souvenir

Extend your stay in Provence and take a workshop

Wheather you want to discover the smell, the taste or the properties of the legendary herbs of Provence, you will learn a lot about our territory in  our workshops.

Our workshops can be help in English, for group only. Reservation is required in advance.

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